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Rigid Packaging

MAXPAX offers a wide variety of rigid packaging solutions. We can fill liquids, powders, or gels into many different rigid containers made of glass, plastic or metal. We will fill your preferred container: bottle, jug, jar, carton, can, tube or wipe container. We provide a full turnkey custom packaging solution for any type of product you may need. You can supply us with the finished product or the list of ingredients needed to blend your final product. Let us manage your next rigid packaging project and demonstrate why we are the best full service contract packaging supplier.

Bucket Containers


Our 88,000 square foot facility has the capacity to receive your liquid product in totes or package your product in totes up to 330 gallons each. We may also receive your dry ingredients in super sacks or can package your product in super sacks from 1,000 to 2,000 lbs.
Bulk Products
Production Room


Our large storage tanks, laboratory, water treatment system and flammable rooms are ready to package your sensitive packaging needs.
Let Us Source Your Next Rigid Packaging Container to Create Your Ideal Finished Product
Epoxy Dispenser Container