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Industries Served

MAXPAX serves the Personal Care, Cleaning and Hardware and Garden industries. We provide full turnkey contract filling for dry, powder and liquid chemicals and personal care products. We specialize in quick change-over needs to save time and money. We have the capabilities of filling finished products of varying sizes from 1 gram to bulk. We can blend powders, liquids and gels and fill into many different containers. We can source the proper container you require to help provide the best shelf life of your granular powders, liquids, gels, detergents, cleansers, oils, paints and stains, adhesives, lawn and garden or hardware products.

MAXPAX is the perfect solution to employee cost increases, order cycle fluctuations and accelerating energy and transportation costs. Our procurement services can meet your sourcing needs to give you the best product.

Personal Care packaging

Bath Salts, Shampoos, Liquid Hand Soaps and Aromatherapy

Cleaning Powders packaging

Powder Detergents, Powder Cleansers and Septic Tank Additives

Let our Procurement Services fulfill your Sourcing Needs while giving you the Best Product.
Cleaning Accessories packaging

Cleaning Cloths and Wipes

Cleaning Liquids packaging

Cleaning Sprays, Liquid Detergents, Dish Soap, Bleach, Toilet Cleaners and Drain Openers

Art Supplies packaging

Glitter, Paints and Adhesives

Hardware packaging

Paints, Stains, Paint Additives and Epoxies

Automotive Products packaging

Automobile Fluids and Cleaners

Yard and Garden Products packaging

Deck and Garden Sprays, Plant
and Vegetable Foods